Dalton Park makes a splash with Dale, the Magnificent Eco Whale

Oct 2, 2023 | Leisure & Lifestyle

Dalton Park makes even bigger waves into using its outlet as a place to ‘feel good and do good’ this week with the arrival of Dale, the magnificent eco Whale. A family-friendly recycling activation to support The Great British Beach Clean Project.

Made entirely from 745 recycled plastic bottles, Dale is set to become the local mascot in the fight for cleaner oceans and a healthier planet as Dalton Park embarks on an exciting mission to turn old plastic bottles into stunning recycled decorations – and would love the community to get involved.

To help Dale in his mission, Dalton Park is asking shoppers to take their old plastic bottles to Dale and drop them into his blow hole, so he can work his magic to transform them into dazzling decorations. The RecyPrint recycled decorations will be proudly showcased throughout Dalton Park, spreading joy and inspiring others to follow in Dale’s eco-friendly flipper-prints.

Richard Kaye, Centre Manager at Dalton Park says, “Community and sustainability are in our DNA at Dalton Park. Dale serves as a powerful reminder of the impact of plastic waste on our environment. By recycling old plastic bottles, he embodies the beauty of recycling and showcases how we can transform waste into something extraordinary.

“We especially think this is a great activity and photo opportunity for families and genuinely hope the community love him as much as we do”