M People’s Heather Small performs for Seaham school children

Jul 20, 2023 | Leisure & Lifestyle

“What have you done today, to make you feel proud?”

Pupils at Seaham Trinity Primary School were treated to a music performance M People singer Heather Small and drummer, Andrew Lovell.

Andrew, better known as “Shovell”, arranged the show through his company AjoiA as a farewell thank you to the school for hosting him while training to be a counsellor.

The children enjoyed musical workshops before Heather, Andrew and respected producer, Anthony Gorry, performed hits “Search for the Hero”, “Moving On Up” and “Proud”.

Bringing the event to a close, Shovell said: “I want to thank the school for all the help, above and beyond, that the teachers and staff offer to pupils and families.

“And I want to give a heartfelt thank you to all of you guys for being here. You are all heroes.

“Every single one of us is amazing, in different ways. This school helps us find the bit of us that’s ok and that we can build on and helps us find our way.”

Heather added: “It was a joy to be here today in a place with happy children. Absolutely amazing.

“It’s been quite emotional actually because it’s the first time me and Shovell have performed together in years.

“Having him with me just brings this lovely lovely energy.”

The event was put on by Andrew and Anthony’s company, AjoiA, and incorporated percussion, performance, singing, and movement to show how music benefits wellbeing.

Andrew has spent the last 20 months on a placement in the school while training to be a psychotherapeutic counsellor with wellbeing charity, Place2Be.

Place2Be has been working in partnership with the school for more than 14 years and provides pupils and families with access to counselling and wellbeing services.