Public Halloween ghost hunt and sleepover at Vane Tempest Hall

Sep 8, 2022 | Leisure & Lifestyle

Believed to have been built on a mass grave, this former hospital is one of the most chilling locations we’ve ever investigated.

Built in 1873 as a military barracks known as Gilesgate Militia Barracks, the building also served as a smallpox isolation hospital for Durham in 1884. It was also used to house dead bodies for a period.

For decades it has been the focal point for social activities in the area, with locals regularly experiencing all sorts of strange occurrences in the building.

The amount of paranormal activity here over the years has drawn paranormal enthusiasts from all over the north east to conduct various experiments, with one particular group swearing never to return.

As well as the strange sounds of dragging coming from the mortuary, people have witnessed the full-bodied apparition of a disfigured soldier that tragically died here in an explosion in the late 1800s.

His wounds are described as horrific, and any sight of him would send people screaming in terror to the exit.

As well as the soldier, there’s reportedly a lady in white that roams the hall, believed to be looking for her love, who was stationed here.

People also report howling, disembodied voices, unexplainable bangs, doors slamming on their own, sudden temperature fluctuations, light anomalies and more.

Take part in a host of vigils and experiments as we try to make contact with the active spirits that call this old building home. We have this historic building for an entire night of paranormal investigating, plus you have the option to sleep here too.

You will join our friendly, experienced team taking part in various experiments and seances, as well as having complete access to our range of paranormal equipment throughout the evening.

Haunted Rooms events are real paranormal investigations, we leave out the fluff, we do not have actors, and we don’t fake activity.

Our team can’t wait to welcome you to this incredible building and to share a night of ghost hunting that you’ll remember forever.

Spots will fill up quickly for this one, so hurry and book now!

Deposits are available for just £20.

Vane Tempest Hall Ghost Hunt & Optional Sleepover, Durham – Saturday 29th October 2022