Seaham company IPS backs Castle Eden Dene clean up operation

Mar 28, 2022 | Business

Seaham company IPS Flow Systems has given its support to a campaign to clean up the tributaries that feed into Castle Eden Dene.

Rhys Donald and Mark Atkinson from IPS joined the team from the Wear Rivers Trust to help improve the water quality of Wapping Burn, which runs between from the North West Industrial Estate, down to the South West Industrial Estate and into the nature reserve.

The initiative involved cutting back overgrown riverbank trees to allow more sunlight to reach the stream, placing branch bundles on the sides of the streams to help reduce the amount of sediment entering the water, and installing a leaky dam which acts as a filter for silt and plastic pollution from nearby business units.

The Wear Rivers Trust is working with a number of businesses in the area to clean up the Wapping Burn area to help improve the natural habitat for wildlife, trees and plants.

Rhys Donald from IPS Flow Systems, which is based at Seaham Grange Industrial Estate, said: “We are very passionate about our local environment and believe we all have a responsibility to do our bit to protect it.

“That’s why we were keen to help the Wear Rivers Trust with their efforts to clean up Wapping Burn and the tributaries that feed into Caste Eden Dene.”

Paul Atkinson from Wear Rivers Trust said: “We’d really like to thank Rhys and Mark from IPS Flow Systems for giving up their time to join us to help clean up Wapping Burn.

“Over the next few months we’re looking to team up with employers in the East Durham area who are happy to get involved in our campaign to improve the waters that feed into Castle Eden Dene.”