Lucy Wood blog: Battling mental health when circumstances change

Oct 13, 2021 | Leisure & Lifestyle

Since returning to college at the end of August, I’ve been at a constant battle with my mental health.

Mainly my anxiety.

This is due to me having to make new friends after my friends from last year have now moved on with their lives and have jobs or are going to university.

I began thinking that people might not like me. I worried that I wouldn’t fit in and that if they knew I had MS that I would be isolated. I kept thinking that maybe if I put on a façade about myself then people might like me.

I also found out I would have to go to university in order to pursue the career I would want to do. This scared me and it still does because again it means explaining my condition to others and worrying I would be exiled from people.

However, my worries have now distinguished with fitting in at college again as everyone was very welcoming and not judgemental at all. Also, the thing I realised is that the reason I stopped worrying so much about fitting in was because I was able to just be myself. I didn’t have to put on this fake version of myself and it didn’t matter whether I wasn’t liked by someone, because at the end of the day if people don’t like you for the real you then they aren’t worth bothering with.

I know that university will be a completely different ball game and yes I will have to explain my condition, but so long as I am myself and people accept me for me then I have nothing to be afraid of.

So this is the message I want you to take from this blog: if people cannot accept you for who you are then they are not the people that belong in your life, and you will eventually find people that like you for who you are!