Housing group’s coronavirus fund provides more than 3,000 meals to vulnerable people

Jun 24, 2020 | Local News

A specially created fund to assist communities during the coronavirus pandemic has helped to provide more than 3,000 meals for vulnerable people.

The believe housing Coronavirus Crisis Fund was launched in May to provide targeted assistance to communities that were struggling with the effects of the lockdown. One of its targets is to help people across County Durham who were struggling to feed themselves, or their families, due to the effects of pandemic.

The funding is directed to community groups, with more than 30 now given urgently needed cash to tackle the challenges being faced.

One of the groups awarded funding was Murton Parish Council, which received £1,000 towards providing food packs for around 1,000 people in the area. The Solan Connor Fawcett Family Cancer Trust also received £500 to provide highly targeted assistance with food to seven extremely vulnerable families during the pandemic. The Meal Orchard project, delivering hundreds of hot meals directly to vulnerable people in and around Crook has also benefited from believe housing funding.

believe housing funding officer, Damian Pearson, said: “Whether it’s been because of their health, or their financial circumstances, lots of people have been struggling to keep food in their cupboards during the pandemic. Hunger was a key issue that we felt we had to tackle during the coronavirus outbreak and it’s been great to see the response from so many community groups.

“We’ve already provided financial support to help deliver more than 3,000 meals and we’ll go on providing assistance to vulnerable people in these unprecedented times.”

Alongside the support with food, the believe housing Coronavirus Crisis Fund has also been tackling isolation. More than 1,000 physical activity packs have been distributed thanks to the funding and another 1,000 online activity sessions have been created.

Full details of the Coronavirus Crisis Fund are available on the believe housing website, or by calling the Community Investment Team on 0300 1311 999.