Peterlee businessman joins group to champion East Durham’s enterprise culture

Jun 9, 2020 | Business

The Peterlee and Seaham business parks’ group is delighted to announce the appointment of Terry Jones onto its steering committee.

Terry, the new Operations Director and Business Development Manager at the Steadfast Group, is the latest figurehead to join the group.

Terry, a former British soldier who served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Iraq, is keen to engage with local businesses and form collaborative relationships which he believes can support the continued growth of the East Durham business community.

Terry, who has also delivered private security consultancy in a wide range of environments, said: “I am delighted to join the Peterlee and Seaham business park groups’ steering committee, which will enable me to play an active role in the ongoing development of the area and support our companies  to grow.

“Joint working is so important to me as I believe together, we are stronger, and that’s definitely something I am actively looking to do on behalf of the group and my employer, the Steadfast Group.”

Terry joins existing steering group members Paul Wellstead, chairman; Leanne Fawcett from LEC Communications and Design; Judith Bennison from Great Annual Savings; Gordon McPherson from Moralbox; Andy Buckworth from TTE; Donna Rowlands from Aspen Wolf; and Guy Bashford from Business Durham.

Speaking about Terry’s appointment, Paul said: “Terry brings a wealth of experience to the group and will really help build upon the excellent foundations already put in place by our existing members.

“Although we’re currently in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is still an exciting time for the East Durham business community.

“Many companies and organisations are implementing ambitious plans to grow and create new jobs and on behalf of the group, I can say with certainty that we will continue to do everything we can to support them to help create a prosperous future for this area.”