Peterlee envelope manufacturer helps clients stand out from the crowd

Apr 12, 2020 | Business

An innovative envelope manufacturer has become the only company in the UK to offer the latest technology to help its clients stand out from the crowd.

Encore Envelopes, which has its headquarters in Washington and a site in Dewsbury, has invested in a state-of-the-art inline embossing unit, allowing envelopes to be printed with all-over patterns. The company has also been running successful tests with UV LED technology to offer customers a variety of new coatings, such as gloss and textured.

The firm, which is part of The Encore Group, is the UK’s largest independent manufacturer of printed envelopes, and also has a site in Peterlee.

Russell Croisdale, managing director of The Encore Group, said: “We have always had a reputation for being innovative with our production methods. We believe that we must continue to find and offer our customers new ideas for what they can do to enhance their mailings. The question is how to make the envelope distinctive in the post.

“The investment in this equipment allows us to offer customers a unique product which our competitors cannot – we are the only company in the country to offer these additional services.

“We have been working on this project for 18 months to make sure everything works correctly and delivers the high quality we wanted.

“Our job is to print and make the envelope to the highest of standards for our clients – we want their product of offering to stand out when the envelopes fall on the doormat, giving them an improved opening and response rate.”