Underused sports hall in Trimdon turned into community events venue

Jun 11, 2019 | Local News

A tired and underused sports hall has been transformed into a high-class community events venue, thanks to funding from one of Durham’s 14 area action partnerships (AAP).

East Durham Rural Corridor AAP and county councillors in Trimdon and Thornley were keen to help Trimdon Community College Association realise its ambitions to turn the school’s sports hall into a unique venue.

As well as providing practical support and guidance, Cllr Lucy Hovvels, Cllr Peter Brookes and the late Cllr Morris Nichols contributed a total of just over £39,000 from their AAP neighbourhood budgets towards the £60,000 project.

This allowed the hall to be completely refurbished, including the installation of an internal marquee and new banqueting furniture.

The revamped venue was launched at a special event last month.

Jane Bellis, East Durham Rural Corridor AAP co-ordinator, said “It’s fantastic to see what can be achieved when AAPs and county councillors work alongside community groups such as Trimdon Community College Association. This project demonstrates just how important partnership work is.”

Annette Donohue, of Trimdon Community College Association, said: “The support of the AAP and our county councillors has been invaluable and has allowed us to provide a legacy for our community. Our younger members will benefit from having such a stunning venue for their special events for years to come.”