East Durham residents encouraged to get active and walk and cycle more

Feb 25, 2019 | Uncategorized

A new plan that sets out to make cycling and walking in County Durham a part of everyday life has been put into action.

Durham County Council’s Strategic Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan 2019-2029, which looks at active travel rather than recreational cycling and walking, focuses on making all cycling and walking networks in the county safe, accessible and well maintained.

The ten year plan seeks to encourage more people, across all demographic groups, to take up cycling or walking for everyday journeys to improve the quality of people’s lives, health and fitness.

Cllr Carl Marshall, Durham County Council’s Cabinet member for economic regeneration, said: “Our county is set to become more cycling and walking friendly with the implementation of this exciting new delivery plan.

“As part of our way of attracting investment in County Durham we need to change the way we think about travel. Cycling and walking help you get in shape, stay healthy and they are cheaper than alternative means of transport.

“We will be ensuring that our cycling and walking networks are safe, accessible and well maintained so more people will enjoy cycling and walking for everyday journeys, improving the quality of their lives, fitness and health.”

The Strategic Cycling and Walking Delivery Plan for County Durham will supersede the Cycling Strategy 2012-15, and set out a long-term local approach to deliver against the government’s ambitions to make the UK a cycling and walking nation, as established in the Department for Transport’s Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy.