Peterlee author publishes e-book to tackle obesity and encourage children to be more active

Jan 14, 2019 | Local News

A Peterlee author has published an e-book to encourage children to be more active, families to spend more time together outdoors and to help tackle obesity.

Eileen Idrissi-Sbai’s story is called Sporty Friends and the Great Outdoors.

The synopsis reads: “Volleyball Vic enjoys lots of kinds of sport and exercise, and today he has planned a sporty adventure day out with his friends, Sporty Samira, Soccer Su and Racing Ryan in his wheelchair. They play lots of games, each showing off their own special talents. With a touch of sporty magic they can travel anywhere in the world to play, and they have lots of fun. Then they see someone who is in trouble – will they be able to help, and show us the true meaning of friendship? A charming tale that encourages wellbeing and inclusion for small friends everywhere.”

Eileen was born in South London, where she spent some of her childhood years, before moving with her family to Northumberland.

For the past nineteen years she has lived in Peterlee. Over the past twenty-five years she has written poems and short stories that have been published in anthologies and newspapers.

Eileen said: “The e-book encourages activity, equality and inclusion. It features some ideas for inexpensive exercise that children and families can enjoy in parks and green spaces.

“I feel this is important to try and help tackle obesity;  I know my book alone cannot achieve this so that is why I have started ‘The Sporty Friends Trust’ – my author’s royalties from the sale of the book will be donated to small and medium-sized charities whose work  promotes activity, and also equality and inclusion.”