Thornley is set to become a YouTube star

An East Durham village is making its way on to YouTube.

Thornley Parish Council has commissioned seasonal news reports and films which showcase the area, and why it’s such a great place to live.

The first seasonal report telling the story of Thornley’s wonderful summer is available here now –

Chairman of Thornley Parish Council Councillor, Joyce Unsworth, said: “Thornley is such a special place and sometimes we are so busy that we don’t have time to stop and fully appreciate all that everyone does for the village.

“We have such a rich history and so many wonderful things going on that the parish council wanted to share this not only with residents, but with the wider world, and what better way than for everyone to see the village on screen.”

The films, released seasonally and hosted on the parish council’s website and social media platforms, will go behind the scenes of the parish council to let everyone know the hard work that they do and will to celebrate how the community has evolved from a typical County Durham pit village into a green and desirable place to live, with so much going on.

Thornley Parish Clerk David Moore said: “The council is always looking for ways to improve the village and to provide the very best service to residents and we wanted to share and celebrate what not only the council does, but also what the community is up to.

“This is our village and our story and by shouting about the achievements and sharing the challenges in this way, we hope that everyone can feel rightly proud of Thornley.”

By utilising the services of Lonely Tower Film & Media, based in County Durham, Thornley Parish Council is breaking bold new ground and embracing technology to communicate with its residents.

Mark Thorburn from Lonely Tower Film & Media said: “We were working with the parish council to cover the unveiling of the John Scott Youll Victoria Cross stone in June and while that project was taking place Joyce and David from the council approached us with this idea.

“It is incredibly refreshing to work with people who have exciting and creative ideas and we hope that these seasonal roundups will not only show what Thornley and its parish council have been up to, but will help to further promote a sense of community and pride in the village.”

The summer report is available now with further video released at the end of autumn, winter and spring.