Picture Special: Inside Durham’s amazing LEGO cathedral

It’s been three years since the first brick was put down on what is now a LEGO replica almost as majestic as its subject.

The first piece went into place on 13th July 2013 and there are still almost 5,000 pieces left to go. The team at Durham Cathedral estimates that the 1.7m tall model will be completed within the next fortnight.

Designed by BrightBricks and licensed by LEGO Group, the team set out to create a scale model of one of the UK’s most iconic cathedrals which, once finished, will contain almost 300,000 bricks and 1,450 individual models.

The LEGO cathedral is the first scale model of its kind to be built by the public, with visitors from around the world flocking to put their own ‘brick in the wall’.

Members of the public can pay £1 to add a brick to the model and the final piece will be put into place on Monday 25th July, by Pearl Richardson from Newcastle, who was chosen at random by a Durham Cathedral lottery draw.

Gaye Kirby, Head of Development, Durham Cathedral said: “Durham Cathedral in LEGO has been a brilliant fundraising project, which has attracted thousands of visitors to the Cathedral over the last three years. We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of our visitors and it has been wonderful to watch the model taking shape.

“With less than 5,000 bricks to go we have almost reached our 300,000 brick target, and we would encourage everyone to visit the Cathedral to get involved in this incredible project before the final brick is laid.

“For the immediate future, Durham Cathedral in LEGO will remain on display in its current location to be admired by visitors.”

Check out our image gallery below: