New parks and cemetery manager for Horden

Horden Parish Council has announce that the appointment of a new parks and cemetery manager.

Colin Muir has been employed at Horden Parish Council since 1992, having been appointed initially as a gardener/gravedigger. Colin worked his way up to the parks and cemetery team leader and eventually landing his new management role.

Colin said of his new post “I am very excited to take on the role of manager and I aim to continue the high standard of care and maintenance given to Horden’s park and cemetery. I am always happy to hear the residents’ thoughts or ideas for improvement in any areas for service we provide. I am looking forward to working with the Parish Council Members to progress Thorpe Road Cemetery extension in the next year, and there are some big changes ahead for Horden and I am pleased to be apart of it.

The appointment coincides with that of David Lamb, who will be taking up the role of gardener and gravedigger. David is already familiar with the role, having worked for Horden Parish Council in the past. He will also be taking on the tenancy of the lodge property based within the cemetery.

Horden Parish Council is also looking to employ two new members of staff to undertake their horticulture apprenticeship programme. Based at Horden’s parks and Thorpe Road Cemetery, the successful applicants will work towards their qualification whilst working in a placement that will help them to gain experience in grounds maintenance and cemetery work.