Will you be the one to complete Durham Cathedral’s LEGO replica?

Jun 1, 2016 | Leisure & Lifestyle

Durham Cathedral has launched a LEGO lottery where the lucky winner will be selected to place the final brick on the now world-famous scale-model replica.

The LEGO model, which was set up as a fundraising tool for the state of the art Open Treasure exhibition experience, has attracted world-wide attention since it was started on 11 July 2013, with visitors from as far away as Alaska, the Seychelles, the Solomon Islands and the Cook Islands placing bricks on the model.

And now, one lucky winner selected at random, will place the final brick on the model in a special ceremony on Monday 25 July.

Durham Cathedral’s Head of Development, Gaye Kirby, said: “The model has attracted interest from such a wide range of people, from wedding parties to school trips, people celebrating significant birthdays to corporate team building days, that we decided the fairest way to choose the final brick layer was at random.”

Scale Model of Durham Cathedral

LEGO lottery tickets are only being sold at the LEGO model in the Undercroft Foyer of Durham Cathedral and can be purchased for £1 each with all proceeds raised going to Open treasure; the draw will take place on Friday 8 July.

Once the final brick has been placed, the model will measure 3.84 metres in length, 1.53 metres wide and 1.7 metres in height and will contain approximately 300,000 bricks.

Gaye added: “The enthusiasm for the LEGO model has been infectious and we are so grateful to everyone who has donated so far, as this money is helping fund one of the most transformational developments in the Cathedral’s recent history – Open Treasure, which launches to the public on Saturday 23 July.

“We hope that people really get behind this final push to the finish line and we can’t wait to meet the lucky person who is selected from the draw to place the final brick on this amazing model, marking the end of the LEGO build and the beginning of this next exciting chapter for the Cathedral.”