School gives Open Treasure a test run at Durham Cathedral

May 24, 2016 | Leisure & Lifestyle

Schoolchildren from Dipton have visited Durham Cathedral’s £10.9 million Open Treasure exhibition experience ahead of the official opening, to give its education programme a test run.

Twenty-five children from Collierley Primary School came to Durham Cathedral to take part in an interactive learning session about the Anglo-Saxons.

The children visited the 14th Monks’ Dormitory, the first stop in the state-of-the-art exhibition experience, where they were able to examine examples of Anglo-Saxon stones including Viking hogback gravestones and preaching crosses.

As part of the session, pupils were also invited to dress as Vikings and Anglo-Saxons as they learned more about invasion and settlement in Britain, the role of the monks and how Christianity developed at that time.

Durham Cathedral’s Head of Education, Charlotte Rowbotham, said: “A hugely important part of the new Open Treasure development here at the Cathedral is the outreach and education work that we are able to offer. The new Open Treasure spaces are magnificent and inspiring places for visiting education groups to learn about the Christian history and heritage of our region and enjoy some hands-on learning with the range of add-on activities that we offer, such as cooking using herbs from the medieval medicinal monastic herb-garden or creating Anglo-Saxon artwork.”

The children, who spent the full day at Durham Cathedral, combined the morning’s Open Treasure learning session with an afternoon on the Cathedral’s Woodlands and Riverbanks enjoying time learning about science and nature.

Acting Headteacher, Natalie Maughan, added: “Our children were completely engaged and captivated throughout their guided tour of the Monks Dormitory Exhibit. Our thanks go to all the staff at Durham Cathedral for providing our children with an outstanding learning experience in a beautiful setting. ”