Asbestos experts deliver important health and safety training to college students

May 18, 2016 | Local News

Students on a range of construction-based courses at East Durham College have been treated to some free safety training that will help prepare them for the world of work.

Durham-based Omega Asbestos Consulting have worked alongside the college to deliver four specialist sessions on asbestos awareness.

Each session looked into the nature, origins and hazards of asbestos, the safe and correct ways to work in environments with asbestos, emergency procedures and safety dealing with asbestos as well as legislation and guidance around the subject.

Over 100,000 people a year die from asbestos related causes worldwide, with over 5,000 of these in the UK including 20 tradesmen every week!

Completion of this training by students now means they have met a legal requirement towards them going out to work on construction and building sites once they have completed their courses.

The training, which usually costs around £35 per person, was delivered free of charge to the college as part of Omega’s continued commitment to work within the community.

Omega Asbestos Consulting’s Commercial Director, Steven Hubery, hailed the importance of the training and believes completion of the training will be a good stepping stone for the students heading into the world of work.

Steven said: “It was great to be able to come in and teach these sessions to the students over the last few weeks.

“Asbestos is a killer and people need to be trained fully on the topic if they are going to go and work in environments with asbestos on a daily basis.

“The students at the college have really understood the importance of this training, completing this courses and receiving their certificates will really help them when they go out into the world of work.

“This has been a great opportunity for us as a company to use our expertise to help out in the community and we look forward to working alongside East Durham College again in the future.”

East Durham College joinery lecturer Joe Atherton added: “I have to pass on a huge thank you to Steven and the team at Omega Asbestos Consulting.

“This training is invaluable to our students as they look to go out and start their careers in the construction industry.

“Altogether we have had over 50 students come through this course with Omega which has been fantastic.

“This will not only help the students get jobs when they finish their course, but will give them the right ideas about the importance of all health and safety training throughout their careers in the industry.”