Hard working painting and decorating students are off to university

May 13, 2016 | Local News

Two East Durham College students are taking there painting and decorating courses to the next level as they are set to head off to university.

Daniel Meynell, 18, from Peterlee and Shauna Coles, 19, from Horden are both in the final weeks of their three year painting and decorating courses at East Durham College.

And excitingly both have already been offered places to study on an interior design degree at Teesside University starting this September.

This is a rare path for students on these types of construction-related vocational course, as many students finish their qualifications and head straight out into the world of work.

But Daniel and Shauna decided they wanted to take a different route and continue in education.

And thanks to their commitment and dedication to the course, the two students are now excited to be heading off to university and to learn new skills to help them start a career in the design industry.

Daniel said: “I didn’t think that joining a university course straight from my painting and decorating course would be possible, but I am so happy to have been selected to start in September.

“I have loved my time here at the college and I can’t recommend it highly enough, it has given me a great platform to go on and join this course at Teesside.

“I am hoping to complete my time at university and then go on to work in interior design, hopefully for a big company.”

Shauna added: “I have absolutely loved my time on the course here at East Durham College.

“The team have been fantastic from day one, and once I found out I had the opportunity to go onto join a university course in interior design, they have really supported me through the whole process.

“My passion to go on and study interior design came in the second year of the course at the college, when we did a lot of artistic and design work.

“Once I have completed the university course I would love to go on and have my own interior design business.”

East Durham College painting and decorating lecturer, Adrian Otty, said: “Some students study on vocational courses and don’t believe they will have the right level of qualifications to go and study on courses at university.

“That is completely not the case, qualifications from vocational courses can lead to a number of further education opportunities.

“Shauna and Daniel are great examples of what you can go on to achieve once you set your mind to it and work hard, and I wish them all the best of luck in their careers in the future. I am sure they will go far.”