Martial arts club invests with grant

May 4, 2016 | Business

A growing martial arts club has invested in new equipment after receiving a grant from a local councillor.

Horden Martial Arts Club was awarded a cheque for £150 from Cllr June Clark, County Councillor for Horden under the Members’ Initiative Scheme.

The money was used to purchase kick bags, focus mitts and a few other bits of equipment.

Some of the money was also used to fund the club’s new Student of the Month award, which will see young people honoured each month.

Chris Anderson, who runs the club, said: “We’re a growing club so donations like this are much needed for us to be able to invest in extra equipment, which means we can accommodate more young people.

“We’re so grateful to Councillor June Clark for supporting us with the grant. It’s made a big difference to the club so thank you from everyone involved.”

Horden Martial Arts Club was founded in 1992 as a sister club to Peterlee Martial Arts Club.

Members, who can learn a style of karate called Kamishin Ryu, are from as young as five and train at the Horden Centennial Centre.