Healthy work ethic wins award for Durham Cathedral

May 4, 2016 | Business

Durham Cathedral has been recognised for its work to promote healthy living among employees by the North East Better Health at Work Award.

The Cathedral was awarded a Silver Award for the work it is doing to promote not only a healthy workplace but also offering opportunities for employees to improve their all-round lifestyle.

HR Officer at Durham Cathedral, Debbie Inglett, said: “We have been working on a number of initiatives with our staff, including a weekly health walk which encourages staff to leave their desks for half an hour at lunchtime to take part in a brisk walk around our beautiful woodlands and riverbanks. This not only helps to clear the mind but it gives the eyes a break from looking at a screen and loosens up muscles which can become tense sitting at a desk all day. We have also just started up a Couch to 5K beginners running club, with the help of a coach from Elvet Striders who is training one of our staff to become a run-leader. Through the club, the more experienced runners are working alongside total beginners to encourage them to gradually build their stamina and strength for running over 10 weeks.”

Other ways in which the Cathedral is working with staff include providing water bottles (donated by Northumbrian Water) to encourage good hydration, offering pedometers (donated by Living Streets) to promote a more active working day, offering training sessions in how to manage and combat sleep problems such as insomnia and promoting health checks and awareness events.

Durham Cathedral Chapter Clerk, Philip Davies, said: “The Cathedral takes the care of its staff very seriously and its support for this initiative is therefore a measure of that care. Debbie has done so much to help us achieve this Silver Award and it was very good for the Cathedral to be represented at the awards ceremony alongside many other organisations from the region ranging from government departments and large multinational companies to small local businesses. We are proud of this achievement and look forward to reaching the next stage – the gold award – in due course.”