Recycling specialist expands overseas

Feb 23, 2016 | Business

A leading North East metal recycling specialist is committing significant investment as it continues to diversify and expand into overseas markets.

J Denham Metals Ltd – which has sites based in both Wingate, East Durham, and Bishop Auckland – is already cementing links with countries around the world as it branches out into the export field.

The family-owned company, which has been in operation for over 50 years, always previously tailored metal recycling services for a number of regional engineering and manufacturing firms.

But with a shift in the demand from steelworks in the UK for reclaimed/recycled metals, J Denham Metals Ltd has diversified to keep up with ever-changing climates, establishing its place as one of the most recognised players within the metal recycling arena.

It currently has capacity to load around 100 containers (20ft equivalent units) per week, which is exported via regional hubs to countries around the world including Spain, India, Turkey and Asia. However, with recent investment in both facilities it allows loading capability to be doubled.

Chris Trotter, business development manager for J Denham Metals Ltd – which is run by father and son owners Joe Denham and John Denham – said: “The Company has invested heavily in infrastructure and equipment to allow us to increase containerised exports using regional hubs.

“We found that our end user market was beginning to rarely be regional or even UK based, so we decided the time was right to branch out into the overseas markets to allow the business to develop further.

“Diversification to the export markets has not been easy and significant investments have been made in a number of areas to allow the purchasing, transportation, processing and exportation of materials to be seamless.”

“The company is now loading containers at both sites and we most certainly anticipate volumes to increase in 2016.”

As well as the developments in the export ferrous and non-ferrous metals, J Denham Metals Ltd, has also seen a growth in the company in terms of staff numbers, with extra employees recruited on the operational and admin side.